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1200 Key English Words 1

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Author(s):Paul Nation
Publisher Seed Learning (Compass)
1200 Key English Words is a three-book series designed to provide learners with an essential foundation of high-frequency English words. The 400 words presented in each level provide learners with 1,200 practical, high-frequency English words.
Each unit introduces 20 new words, and each word features a pictorial representation, pronunciation guide, collocation, and sample sentence. This series will prepare students to read, write, speak and listen effectively while enriching and expanding their vocabulary.

* Useful photographs that illustrate each target word.
* Review units with activities and games make learning fun and interesting.
* Online study app: Quizlet featuring flashcards, games, and tests.
* Online audio app: SoundCloud

CEFR: A1 - A2

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