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Art Classic Stories Level 1 The Musicians of Bremen with CD, illustrated in the style of Edvard Munch (Book No. 10)

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Author(s):Julie Sormark
Publisher e-future
Word count:821
Art Classic Stories is a unique book series combining classical art with the most loved children’s stories of all time. Each book features a famous artist, with story illustrations in the artist’s style. Exquisite pictures capture children’s eyes and guide them to the world of art. The series offers different aspects of art and stories in a delightful format making it enjoyable and educational. Great for reading tutorials, discussion class, art immersion courses, and even in a drama class.

・A delicate rhyming style to capture the essence of the story
・The delightful tales of classical stories
・The exquisite pictures to showcase the specific technique used by each artist
・Discussion of the story and the art, which can take comprehension to a higher level
・Moral lesson sections

Check out some sample pages from "The Great Big Turnip (Level 1, Book 1; illustrated in the style of Paul Gauguin)"

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