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Bedside Manner Beginner 3rd Edition

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Author(s):Simon Capper
Publisher Perceptia Press
Bedside Manner Beginner is a practical, basic introduction to everyday nursing English. It helps learners acquire the vital communicative essentials of their jobs, without demanding a high level of English.

Bedside Manner Beginner avoids using specialised nursing and medical expressions, preferring to equip learners with the kind of language spoken and understood by patients.
In a step-by-step approach, with extensive scaffolding and review, learners can build the basic skills they need to help them avoid potentially stressful communication with English-speaking patients. It also offers abundant language support and a variety of extra activities and downloadable audio from the Perceptia Press website.

Bedside Manner Beginner has been graded to Level 6 (mid-elementary, at a level of around 401-600 headwords) according to the levels in the Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF) Level Scale.

Use this book for:
* Health-related general English classes
* Community centre classes
* Nursing, medical, health and welfare English classes

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