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Black Cat Green Apple Starter Black Beauty Book with Audio CD

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Publisher Black Cat Publishing
This 3-level series of richly illustrated, full-color readers is designed for young teenagers. It includes both original and classic fiction and non-fiction titles in a variety of genres. Contents include legendary heroes, famous historical characters and events, intriguing mysteries, love, ghosts,adventure and more. Each title integrates a story with activities in the four skills written in the style of Cambridge ESOL examinations, as well as informative background information to provide students with an enjoyable and rewarding, all-in-one reading experience. Audio recordings are available for all titles.

Human interest

Black Beauty is a touching story written from a horse's point of view. Black Beauty, a handsome,intelligent horse, lives in Victorian England on a peaceful farm with a wonderful master.
But his life changes when he is sold to different masters. Some are kind and understanding, but others are very cruel...
Published in 1877, Black Beauty is surely the most loved animal story of all times - an unforgettable classic for readers of all ages.

The Royal Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals

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