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Inspired to Write

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Author(s):Warren Wilson
Publisher Perceptia Press
Inspired to Write offers ESL/EFL teachers and beginning students a straightforward, user-friendly textbook designed to provide increased writing practice and the feedback students need to strengthen their reading/writing skills in an active, student-centered classroom.

Ten engaging units include sentence practice and essay writing on topics such as describing places, talking about family, and relating personal experiences. By the end of the semester, students will have created dozens of written questions and statements related to the readings as well as ten to twenty essays.

The book features:
*A student-centered approach featuring pair- and group-work activities
*Plenty of in-class writing practice with immediate feedback from the teacher
* Writing tasks that are challenging yet doable for low-level students
* Engaging illustrations that complement the passages and writing tasks

Use this book for
* University ESL/EFL courses
* General ESL/EFL adult classes
* Preparation courses for overseas study
* Large and small classes from low to high beginning proficiency level

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