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Jelly and Bean (Follifoot Farm): Combining Consonants (books 1-5)

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Author(s):Marlene Greenwood
Publisher Jelly and Bean (Follifoot Farm)
We have taken five of the best stories from the original Jelly and Bean Consonants, Consonants, Blends and Clusters Series, revised the texts to include easy words with vowel digraphs, and enhanced the pictures.
Words with the vowel digraphs 'ee, ea, oo, ay, ai, or, ou, ow, er' are included in the vocabulary, although words with adjacent consonants to blend still only contain the short vowels 'a, e, i, o, u'.
Words with consonants combined into one sound are separated out on the inside back cover. These include 'sh, ch, tch, th, ng, ck, wh, dge'.
The irregular high-frequency words 'what, where, there' are now included in this series.

Book 1 The Fox Cub
Book 2 Two Chicks
Book 3 Down the Well
Book 4 The Red Spotty Cloth
Book 5 In the Ditch

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