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Jelly and Bean (Follifoot Farm): First Words Series (books 1-8)

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Author(s):Marlene Greenwood
Publisher Jelly and Bean (Follifoot Farm)
8 books which introduce a total of 19 letters and the high frequency words 'a, on, in, and, the, I, am, can'.
Book 1 letters 'a, c, e, h, n, o, r, s, t,'
Book 2 letters 'b, d, g, i,'
Book 3 letters 'f, l,'
Book 4 letters 'm, u,'
Book 5 letters 'k, p,'
Book 6 letter 'I' phrase 'I am ..'
Book 7 phrase 'I am ..'
Book 8 letter 'w' phrase 'I can'

The word 'the' first appears in book 4 and sentences begin with 'I am ...' and 'I can ...' in book 6.

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