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Little Phonics 1 Student Book (with CD)

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Author(s):Casey Kim
Publisher e-future

Little Phonics is a four-level series for kindergarteners. With a carefully organized syllabus, it provides a simple and systemic way of learning basic phonics. Throughout the series, children will love the fun stories, bright illustrations, exciting games, and entertaining clap chants and songs.

With Little Phonics, children will not only be able to acquire the basic reading skill of word mastery, but also delight in doing it.


  • Learning goals at each level are clearly presented
  • Cumulative activities at the beginning of each lesson
  • Interesting chants, songs and stories to make phonics learning more exciting
  • Improve the ability to know the sounds of letter and letter combinations, read spell and listen
  • Carefully designed syllabus for link and review
  • Easy to follow lesson flow
  • Creative illustrations fostering warm feelings and imagination
  • Includes progress tests for review

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