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Media English

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Author(s):Tim Knight
Publisher Perceptia Press
Written by a former news journalist, and piloted over several years in university classes, Media English provides an interesting, challenging, and enjoyable journey through the English used in the news media. This highly practical textbook introduces the real world of newspaper and other media into the classroom while actively developing students’ English skills and abilities. Designed for upper beginners through intermediate level, it guides students through the English and techniques used in the news media so they can become comfortable using it themselves.

Each of the thirteen units provides a variety of activities to develop students’ knowledge of the English news media and the skills to use it, as well as to communicate with each other. Each unit ends with a vocabulary building exercise using words and phrases used frequently in the news media. This book helps students to interact in three important ways:

Well-designed tasks allow students to engage actively with the textbook content.
Students learn to interact with real news media through tasks which involve current news from newspapers and other media.
Students interact with each other through discussion and interviews.
As well as helping students to understand the news in English, this book enables students to talk about the news and to create examples themselves ? of headlines, news stories and feature articles, so they feel a full sense of achievement by the end of the course. If you want your students to engage with the real world while improving their English skills, Media English is the book for your classroom.

Use this book for:

Media English classes
Oral Communication and Discussion classes
Reading classes
Writing classes
Discussion classes
Research-based classes
Improving communication skills for job-hunting

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