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Nice to Meet You - Academic (English Version)

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Author(s):David Barker
Publisher BTB Press

Need new materials for your school?

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Need new materials for your school?

Request Inspection Copy
Nice to Meet You - Academic teaches students how to understand and answer the questions that they will typically be asked when they meet someone for the first time. Students are shown examples of realistic conversations, and then asked to write similar ones using their own information. The dialogues are accompanied by explanations of key linguistic and pragmatic points. Each unit includes exercises for listening and pronunciation, and a series of reading texts explains important concepts that students need to understand in order to become successful language learners. The Japanese and English editions of the book have identical content and pagination. The only difference is that all instructions and explanations in the Japanese edition are given in the students' language.

New Edition
Nice to Meet You 2nd Edition (English Version)

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