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Preschool Stickers (02757/06RPI12)

1,382円 968円
(税抜 896円)
ISBN:Bargain Bin 77476
出版社 School Zone
Product Code:02757/06RPI12

※ 印刷のエディションによって、イラストや内容、サイズが異なる場合があります。

So many stickers, so much to do! What kid doesn't like stickers? Especially stickers that plug into each activity to complete the exercises and playfully help develop readiness skills. This unique method of learning teaches skills like how to count and add objects and money, interpret graphs, and identify beginning sounds, basic geometric shapes and patterns. And with this Preschool Stickers Workbook from the Stuck on Learning!® series, it's all cleverly disguised as enjoyable sticker play designed to prepare your child for elementary school. There are also colorful award stickers that reward your child over and over for a job well done. And when he or she completes the book, a full-page Certificate of Achievement awaits. Don't you wish learning was this much fun when you were their age? Get your kids stuck on learning today!

324 stickers