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Super Bis New Edition

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Publisher ELI
Product Code:4573205122236
Super Bis is an effective and fun card game, based on matching questions and answers. The game contains 132 cards divided in questions (red cards) and answers (blue cards). Each card presents a fun, illustrated situation and a sentence (question or answer).


- 65 red cards (questions)
- 65 blue cards (answers)
- The Joker card
- The Surprise card

Box (14.5 x 21.5 cm)
Cards (8.1 x 5.8 cm)

【How to play】
The teacher or group leader shuffles and hands out the cards. Players set aside any matching question and answer cards that they have. They then hold the remaining cards, keeping them hidden from the other players.
Remove the Joker card.
The youngest player starts the game: he/she takes a card from a player on his/her left. If the card matches one of his/her cards, the player sets aside the two cards. If the card doesn’t match, he/she keeps the card and play continues with the next player.
The winner is the first player to match all of his/her cards correctly. The game can continue until all of the cards have been matched, or you can choose to set a time limit for game play. The player who is left holding the Surprise card is the loser.

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