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The English Course Writing Book One (Book Only)

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Author(s):Gary Ireland, Mick Short, Max Woollerton
Publisher The English Company
The English Course is an integrated English language course for students from false beginner to lower intermediate levels. Writing Book 1 comprises a textbook, a teacher’s DVD with quizzes and audio/video activities, and a self-access web site. Writing Book 1 is principally intended for young adult learners at college or university level. The aim of the course is to balance extensive guided writing practise, through numerous textbook exercises, with cutting-edge technology for both classroom use and student self-access study. The units in the textbook cover a variety of writing genres and are designed to teach writing skills in a logical order, starting with basic sentence structures and building up to essay writing. Each unit in the course includes the following: examples and several textbook exercises; two revision quizzes and an audio/video stimuli for the final assignment on the teacher’s DVD; and at least seven online revision/practice exercises on the student self-access web site, plus audio/video material for students to use.

Check out a Sample Unit
Unit 4

Unit 1: Getting started
Unit 2: Recognising common errors
Unit 3: Writing better sentences
Unit 4: Writing good paragraphs
Unit 5: Brainstorming / prewriting
Unit 6: Writing reports
Unit 7: Writing reviews
Unit 8: Writing about the past
Unit 9: Writing about the future
Unit 10: Writing narratives
Unit 11: Writing correspondence
Unit 12: Writing an essay

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