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Vocabulary Builder 1 Photocopiable Resource Book

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Author(s):Mark Farrell
Publisher ELI

Photocopiable worksheets for vocabulary learning with elementary to pre-intermediate games and exercises.

Vocabulary Builder 1 provides excellent supplementary material for the English class or for the self-study learner. The tasks are enjoyable and entertaining, while creating genuine learning opportunities.

The photocopiable worksheets:

  • can be used as a fun vocabulary task for the whole class at the start or finish of a lesson
  • can be selected for topics which fit into coursework, as they are not graded for difficulty
  • are ideal for use with students working at different speeds or who need work on particular word sets
  • provide ready-made homework tasks
  • are motivating self-study materials for use during the holidays, when accompanied by the answers
  • are an invaluable support for the language teacher as they are completely self-contained and need no preparation

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