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You Talk

2,052円 1,539円
(w/o tax 1,425円)
ISBN:Bargain Bin 30687
Author(s):Nigel Randell
Publisher Perceptia Press
Product Code:9784939130687
** Damaged Top Left Bottom corners **

You Talk is a wonderful new book for oral communication and conversation classes. Students will love the fun-based approach where language learning activities are presented in the form of games and puzzles. This highly motivational book is based on sound pedagogic principles that allow students to rapidly master a large amount of vocabulary and solid grammatical structures. By the end of the textbook, students will be smiling at how much fun that you have, and the teacher will be smiling at how much they have learned. If you want your students to talk, You Talk is the answer.

Use this book for:

Oral Communication classes
Small and large conversation classes
Mixed level groups
Groups of students with low motivation

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