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Black Cat Reading and Training Discovery Step 2 Exploring Places Book with Audio CD

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Author(s):Gina D. B. Clemen
Publisher Black Cat Publishing
Reading & Training Discovery is a completely new series of factual readers. It is designed for teenagers, young adults and adults. The series will cover a range of interesting subject matter, from famous people such as writers, explorers and scientists to places such as cities, countries and natural wonders. Levels corresponding to Black Cat's popular Reading & Training series.

Today we know a lot about faraway places – we have maps, photographs and detailed descriptions. But the first explorers knew nothing about where they were going. Their courage and determination drove them to explore the unknown, facing terrible dangers and hardships. Who were these remarkable people and why did they risk their lives to explore the unknown? Where is the final frontier and who is ready to explore it? Share the thrill of discovery through the centuries with this exciting book.

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