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Dominoes New Edition Starter Happy Prince

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Author(s):Oscar Wilde
Publisher Oxford University Press
The Happy Prince is a beautiful golden statue high up on a column in the city. Everyone loves him. He Feels sad about the city's poor people, but what can he do? He can't leave his column. Then the swallow arrives, and helps the Happy Prince to do many good things. But what about the swallow's dream of flying to Egypt? And what does the Mayor do when the Happy Prince loses all his gold?

Dominoes are a very popular series of graded readers for teachers in all types of schools and colleges who use the series as a supplement to regular course books.

Before Reading activities provide background information and build prediction skills.
Reading Check, Word Work and Guess What activities are fun ways to check comprehension.
Five pages of project work enable you to build class presentations, poster making and group work into your classroom.
Seven pages of grammar activities in every book allow for consolidation of learning.

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