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Kids' Songs 2 Classroom Classics (Audio Download)

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Publisher ELF Learning
Kids' Songs 2 Audio Download

Another FUN collection of songs for kids, parents and teachers from ELF Learning! Perfect for the home or classroom, Classroom Classics is full of well-known songs with an ELF twist!

This 15-track disc (2 bonus tracks on disc version) combines fast and slow tracks making it great for kids ages 2~9. Get your kids moving with energetic tracks such as Happy Happy! (If you’re happy and you know it) and 5 Little Monkeys (jumping, skipping, running, dancing and spinning)! Slow them down for a sing-along with Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat and a special Seasonal version of Big Tall Chestnut Tree (Under the Spreading Chestnut tree)!

Special care was taken to include teaching themes on the tracks which make it perfect for expansion exercises in the classroom. Topics include actions, emotions, seasons, the alphabet, greetings, rhyming, verb tenses and more. Kids Songs 2 (Classroom Classics) by ELF Learning is the perfect musical addition to any young learner’s classroom or home.

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