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Smart English 3 Teacher's Manual CD-ROM (Japanese Version)

(w/o tax 3,000円)
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Publisher e-future
Included on the Smart English Teacher's Manual CD-ROM (Japanese Version):
  • Japanese Teacher's Manual (PDF)
  • Activity Sheets (PDF)
  • Teacher Flashcards (PDF)
  • Test Answer Key (PDF)
  • Test Audio (MP3)
  • Tests (PDF)

eSmart Class is the online home for many of our English language programs. Here teachers, students, and parents are able to access a variety of resources including interactive eBooks, online practice material, classroom resources, as well as an easy-to-use learning content management system (LCMS).
* In 2017, eSmart Class was updated.
- Improved user interface making it easier to use
- Teachers can see all their classes in one place
- No access codes needed making it more accessible
- New features for teachers, students, and parents

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