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Think Read Write Starter Student Book (with CD)

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Publisher ELF Learning
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Think Read Write is an exciting phonics-based textbook/workbook combo. It is designed to make learning to read and write FUN for the homeschooler or ESL/EFL student (and teacher!).

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Build vocabulary and beginning phonics in a fun way with the Starter level of ELF's Think Read Write Series. Designed for pre-elementary learners, your students will love the gentle illustrations, eye-catching layout and engaging chants and activities that make them THINK. Key goals of this level include:
  • develop phonemic and graphemic awareness
  • learn basic phonics
  • build vocabulary
  • build hand-strength for later writing activities
  • introduce simple VC and consonant blending skills
Ages 4-7

Sample pages from Think Read Write Starter
Think Read Write Starter Unit 1

Think Read Write Starter Unit 2

Think Read Write Starter Activities 1

Think Read Write Starter Activities 2

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