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Super Simple Songs - Animals DVD

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Publisher Super Simple Learning
Kids love learning about animals! Here are 12 super fun animated songs about animals, the sounds they make, and the actions they do. Learn about other topics such as counting, parts of the body, and telling time with song video favorites like “Hickory Dickory...Crash!” “The Animals On The Farm,” "Walking In The Jungle," and many more.
Includes English subtitles, English/Japanese lyrics booklet, and an English/Japanese DVD Menu.
Language: American English with English/Japanese Lyric Booklet Format: DVD-NTSC
Total Running Time: 31 minutes
Total Number Tracks: 12

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Contains the following videos:
1. Good Morning, Mr. Rooster
2. Let’s Go To The Zoo
3. Walking In The Jungle
4. Hickory Dickory...Crash!
5. My Teddy Bear
6. I Have A Pet
7. Yes, I Can!
8. Mary Had A Kangaroo
9. The Animals On The Farm
10. What Do You Hear?
11. Wag Your Tail
12. After A While, Crocodile

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