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Spooky Spooky Halloween Songs for Kids Enhanced CD, Spooky Spooky Halloween (Card Game) Set (2 Items Set)

(w/o tax 2,400円)
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Publisher Maple Leaf Publishing
A special priced set includes a halloween CD and fun card games!

★ Spooky Spooky Halloween Songs for Kids Enhanced CD

Spooky Spooky Halloween Songs for Kids features 17 educational and entertaining Halloween songs for the ESL / EFL classroom. This enhanced CD also contains printable Halloween flashcards, worksheets and activities.

If you like Maple Leaf Learning’s fun, easy to use songs, you’ll love this fresh collection of Halloween tunes! Easy to learn original songs and several classic songs with a twist, such as “The Halloween Bus” and “Spooky Spooky” (Hokey Pokey), allow children to start singing and dancing along almost immediately.

Perfect for Halloween lessons, parties and events. Teacher’s videos, product support and more Halloween lesson, party and event ideas are available on our website.

This enhanced CD includes:
- 17 Halloween songs
- printable Halloween flashcards
- printable activities and worksheets

Watch Kids Singing and Dancing Along!

Sample images from the printable Enhanced CD contents (flashcards, worksheets):

★ Spooky Spooky Halloween (Card Game)

Spooky Spooky Halloween Card Game features 52 numbered and colored playing cards. Play a variety of games with the target language of your choice, including a traditional Japanese game (rules included in box). Perfect for Halloween lessons, parties and events! A fun, fresh and flexible game for Halloween with cute illustrations that will not frighten young children.
52 playing cards
Instructions in English and Japanese

Sample images from Spooky Spooky Halloween (Card Game)



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