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My Best Reading 4 Student Book (with Workbook and MP3 CD)

(w/o tax 1,750円)
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Publisher e-future
This new 3-part reading series consists of My First Reading, My Next Reading, and My Best Reading.
Each series expands and enhances the learners’ vocabulary from beginner to academic. A variety of well-structured activities make reading fun and interesting. The learner progresses from being able to read with help to reading independently.
Includes a pull-out full color workbook in the back of each student book

My First Reading builds a strong foundation for young learners who are beginning to read through a three level reading series, using oral reading.
Cut-out flashcards at the back of each student book.

My Next Reading is a six-level reading series for young learners, using school subjects (Science, Social studies, Art, etc.) related topics for writing sentences and speaking with partners.

My Best Reading offers a six-level reading comprehension series that builds on school curriculum (Science, Social studies, Art, etc.) knowledge through fiction and non-fiction.

* A reading comprehension series that complements My First Writing and My Next Writing, to balance students’ reading and writing skills.
* Based on well-balanced reading approach for early elementary students
* Level-appropriate topics and vocabulary, plus school subject-related topics
* Two types of audio for phrase and sentence reading passage
* Interesting fictional and non-fictional stories with captivating illustrations and photos
* Variety of reading activity types and extensive writing practice
* Fun wrap up activities, story map and vocabulary review summary practice
* Downloadable interactive speaking worksheets and topic-related speaking worksheets

Sample pages from "My Best Reading 1"

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