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Discuss Plus+ 2nd Edition

(税抜 2,000円)

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Author(s):Daniel Teuber
出版社 Perceptia Press
Discuss Plus+ focuses on student output and creativity through a variety of speaking and writing activities. Students use English as a tool to obtain information and learn about their classmates in “question-and-answer” activities.

The students themselves decide what kind of information they want to learn by creating the questions they will ask, based on particular grammatical patterns. Building on this activity, students then conduct in-class surveys or interviews, play games, and take part in group discussions. Finally, students create reports based on these activities, and, in doing so, learn important academic writing skills such as summarizing, organizing information, providing support for ideas, and using transitions.

Each of the 15 units contains additional short activities, connected by a topical theme, designed to keep student interest level high. These activities include grammar quizzes, trivia questions, and using idioms.

Use this book for:
✔ Oral Communication classes
✔ Conversation or speaking classes
✔ Discussion classes
✔ Writing classes

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