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Think Read Write 1 Student Book (with CD), TRW 1 Readers - 2017 Edition and Home DVD Set ≪3点セット≫

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Publisher ELF Learning
Product Code:63061+92135+63993
Think Read Write is a great way to help your students to learn to Read and Write, but it's even better with the TRW Readers and Home DVD Set.
Help your students learn faster and better with this collection of beautifully illustrated stories and activities. Fun characters and exciting stories capture the imagination of the reader and make TRW Readers the perfect reading supplement for your students! The Home DVD Set has 85 videos with an easy-to-use menu system.

The TRW Combo Pack offers:
  • Over 200 FREE flashcard downloads
  • FREE audio with over 100 tracks (CD included in Think Read Write)
  • A complete, step-by-step lesson plan for the TRW Readers
  • A 2-discs DVD set with 85 Learning Videos. Perfect for homework or classroom use.
If you are using Think Read Write in your school, or if you are thinking about it, the TRW COMBO PACK is an effective and economical phonics-based option for school, teachers and students.

This 3 items set contains the Student Book, 10-Story TRW Readers and 2-discs DVD set.

Unit 1 pp0-1 sample pages
Think Read Write (with CD)

Unit 1 pp2-3 sample pages
Think Read Write (with CD)

Unit 4 Activity pp58-59 sample pages
Think Read Write (with CD)

TRW 1 Readers - 2017 Edition Sample Pages
TRW 1 Readers 2017 Edition

TRW 1 Readers 2017 Edition

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