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Sound and Vision Student Book

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Author(s):Andrew Reimann
Publisher Intergraphica Press
Film has the ability to bridge various diversities in interests, skills, background, culture and communication styles. When students engage actively in film analysis, a range of skill sets are developed. These include being able to:

* Understand their response to a films story and characters.
* Convince others why they like or dislike a film
* Explain or introduce something interesting or unique about a film
* Compare and contrast different films, as a way of understanding them better
* Make connections between a film and other areas of culture
* Learn, understand and apply aspects of comparative literature such as: plot, characters, setting, themes, point of view, image, symbols, literary devices.
Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to support an opinion through research

When viewing a film it is important to focus on the elements which will allow students to draw conclusions from their experience of the film.
In this way students are able to interact with the film transforming a passive viewer into and active viewer.

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