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Happy Valley 1 Student Flashcards

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ISBN:Bargain Bin 03578
Author(s):Catherine Littlehale Oki, Simon Moran
Publisher Modern English
Product Code:9789881303578
** Damaged case **

Happy Valley is a character-led series that gets kids from 2 to 6 listening and speaking in English – FAST!
Illustrations, animations, songs, chants, games and movement appeal to all learners. Kids love the characters, follow the stories and easily learn real English words and phrases.
The CD is jam-packed with songs, chants, stories and dialogues. Workbooks review classroom learning at home.
The Phonanimals Workbook, phonics song and actions quickly get kids saying basic letter sounds.
Happy Valley also has loads of great stickers.

The Happy Valley 1 Student Flashcards are small versions of the Teacher Flashcards, great for playing games or using in place of the Teacher Flashcards in small classes.

There are 115 A7 flashcards, including all the Unit vocabulary, numbers 1 to 10, feelings, weather, colors and the 26 Phonanimals.
Picture only on the front and word only on the back of each card.
These are ideal for using in the classroom or for students to use at home.
Student flashcards can be used to play the suggested games, no matter what size your classroom is.

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