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Pairs Make Sentences pack 2

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Author(s):Mark Kulek
Publisher MSC Press
MSC Press Pairs Work Series Pack 2 Pairs Make Sentences Cards For All Ages. CEFR A1 Level.
A Cooperative Learning Game where connecting two cards makes a sentence which develops grammar awareness naturally.
Pairs Make Sentences Pack 2 has 11 starter cards and 44 finish cards, 55 cards in total.
Pairs Make Sentences Pack 2 is the second in a series of CEFR A1 level playing cards for all ages.
Every card is gloss-coated, heavy-duty and measures 7.3 x 11.0 cm.

Pairs Make Sentences Pack 2 CEFR A1 level playing cards for all ages is intended to get students of English familiar with important grammar naturally while having fun learning and reviewing important everyday vocabulary and patterns.

For best practice, place the sentence starter cards face up so students and teachers can preview and review. Next, do the same for the finish cards (illustrated vocabulary). Have students make pairs.
One student calls out the starter card and the other student calls out the finish card. Now switch. It’s that simple!

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