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School Phonics 2 Workbook

(w/o tax 900円)
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Publisher e-future
School Phonics is a four-level phonics series designed to make phonics both easy for teachers to teach and enjoyable for EFL students to learn. The systematic curriculum works to establish a solid foundation of phonics skills for students, providing them effective tools for basic reading and writing. School Phonics also takes students on a spectacular journey through a series of stories graded specifically for their level, helping them to further develop their knowledge of phonics and become independent readers in the process.

* Carefully designed syllabus
* Easy-to-follow lessons
* Catchy phonics chants
* Vibrant illustrations and photos
* Phonics story for each unit (Student Book)
* Imaginative phonics readers (Student Book)
* Hybrid CD with animated content and games (Student Book)

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