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Primary Science Metal Detector 金属探知機

3,630円 2,541円
(w/o tax 2,310円)
ISBN:Bargain Bin 7327
Publisher Learning Resources
Product Code:765023027327
LER 2732
Outer box has tears and discoloration, we will sell at special price.

* The Primary Science Metal Detector package will change. There will be no change in the item, serial number, or price.
Once the present stock has been depleted, the new package will replace the old package.

・ Every “big kid” wishes they’d had one of these when they were little!!
・ Colorful, with easy-to-grip, pivoting handle.
・ Lights up and makes a beeping sound when it detects a metal object.
・ Requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.

*Age 3+

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