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We Can! 1 Student Book with Downloadable Audio

(w/o tax 1,890円)
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Author(s):Matsuka & McDougall
Publisher McGraw-Hill
*** Important Information ***
StudentBook and workbook audio are available for free download. There is no change in contents and price.
The back edition accompanying audio CD is no longer available.

“How can students learn English in an environment where they don’t need it? The answer is WE CAN! and there’s no magic in it. As students clear the goals, one by one, they will naturally learn English.” Yoko Matsuka

We Can! is a new, exciting, and unique goal-oriented seven-level series for elementary students by one of Asia’s leaders in teaching English to children, Yoko Matsuka

We Can! Unique Features
The 384 goals make progress easy to see for students, teachers, and parents.
Spiral Curriculum
English for Real Communication
Rhythm and Pronunciation through songs, chants, movement, drama, and role-plays.
Balanced Use of Phonics
Develop language competence beyond the sentence level with carefully designed, fun, experience-based activities, and real interactions.
The fully interactive We Can! English Club website is an integral part of the series. Real world electronic communication in English between students, as well as many other great features for students, teachers, and parents.

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