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Think Read Write 1 Student Book (with CD)

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ISBN:Bargain Bin 63061
Publisher ELF Learning
Product Code:9784907063061
** Damaged Cover **

Think Read Write is an exciting phonics-based textbook/workbook combo. It is designed to make learning to read and write FUN for the homeschooler or ESL/EFL student (and teacher!).

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The vocabulary, line spacing, activities and font are ideal for children aged 5-10.
Bright, colorful illustrations and a warm, inviting layout will capture your students' attention and help them learn to think, read and write with a smile on their face. :-)
  • Students will learn to write upper- and lower-case letters while always being challenged to think about a letter's use.
  • Reading and writing activities on every page help students learn how to construct (writing) and deconstruct (reading) words as they acquire a fundamental knowledge of basic phonics.
  • Beautiful illustrations of almost 100 words (nouns, verbs, adjectives and more) that children want to learn provide the building blocks for language creation and comprehension.
Think Read Write comes with a 90 track CD. ELF has many online learning materials and online videos for each unit of Think Read Write will be available in 2013!

Unit 1 pp0-1 sample pages
Think Read Write (with CD)
  • Bright, Colorful, Hand-drawn Illustrations.
  • Game Board Introduces USEFUL Vocabulary in Each Unit.
  • Clear and Easy-to-Follow Progression.
Unit 1 pp2-3 sample pages
Think Read Write (with CD)
  • Clear and Consistent introduction of Target Letter/Phoneme/Vocabulary.
  • Left-side focus on phonemic awareness, letter recognition and vocabulary building.
  • Right Side focusses on stroke order, writing practice and contextual application.
  • High-Quality (included) CD provides classroom practice and home review/homework opportunities.
Unit 4 Activity pp58-59 sample pages
Think Read Write (with CD)
  • Fun and Unique Activities keep learners engaged.
  • Progressive Sound Blending, Double Consonants and Full Word Reading and Writing from the 2nd Unit on.
  • A Helpful Focus on Common Mistakes early saves time later!

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