Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonial by: Janina Tubby of Kobe

    Thank you!

    Thank you so much for getting our textbooks to us so quickly when we were having problems with the order process. We really appreciate your personal service and going the extra mile. You helped us out of a big jam as always.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Come rain, or shine…

    Come rain, or shine englishbooks are always there to help. Sometimes publishers don’t have the full range of student’s, teacher’s, workbooks, CDs, DVDs etc but englishbooks always do their level best to ensure that all necessary components reach you as soon as possible. That’s why I have used them for over twenty years (-:
  • Testimonial by: RK of Hokkaido

    Detailed information

    I love the fact that Englishbooks always lets you know when there may be possible delays - whether it be due to natural disasters or even just road construction on the highway. I am generally not in such a hurry when I order books as I like to have them well in advance, but it is always nice to know. Very much appreciated. Thanks for doing things in detail.
  • Testimonial by: Duane Person of Fukuoka

    book order

    Great delivery. Got my books in about 3 days from ordering. Very pleased, thank you. 10 out of 10
  • Testimonial by: RK

    I love the speedy service.

    The supplier I was using prior didn't have a lot of books in stock, meaning I would have to order textbooks months before I needed them. A lot of the time I didn't know actual class numbers until almost the starting date meaning I always had to have an extra supply of textbooks sitting around at home - this takes up space and it was hard to estimate future student numbers meaning a lot of textbooks were over ordered. I was losing money over it. Now I can order after I have the student fill in the enrollment form and have only one lesson where I have to do photocopies before the new textbook arrives. You have helped me save money, space and stress.
  • Testimonial by: Pamela of Tokyo

    Brilliant Books!

    Ordering books for my Grandson was so pleasant through The staff was very helpful, They spoke English and offered us very good advice regarding shipping and bulk deals etc... HAPPY CAMPER! ;-)
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Always prompt, and helpful are always prompt with delivery, and do their best to send ‘out-of-stock’ items as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Testimonial by: RK

    My shopping cart stays as I left it!

    Most online shopping sites automatically empty ones shopping cart after a certain period of time - assuming you're not going to buy it any longer. This is really frustrating to me. I can say that's one thing I LOVE about englishbooks - to be able to come back to my shopping cart a week or two later and find everything still how it was!! I can then make adjustments, and still come back another week later to finally buy the products, without having to start from scratch each time. Very much appreciated.
  • Testimonial by: Anon of Japan

    Efficient service

    Thanks, as always, for the prompt and efficient service. It is greatly appreciated!
  • Testimonial by: LB

    Quick delivery!

    Just a short email to let you know that I received my books. I am really pleased with the quick delivery service that your company provides as well as the very reasonable prices. I will be sure to order from your company the next time I need textbooks. I will also recommend you to friends and coworkers as well.
  • Testimonial by: JEC of Hiratsuka city

    When I needed you most

    I patronized englishbooks since 2012 buying their books only from the workshops and other events. Until I met one of the salesstaffs in one of the seminar workshops in Ibaraki ken he said you can register and order from english books and he gave me his card . Since then, I started ordering from englishbooks. Englishbooks staffs are very accomodating and what I like most is their quick reply whenever you have some question, their anticipation of your needs and most is attending your requests as they can. Thank you very much englishbooks. You're a big help to us. More power to you all!
  • Testimonial by: Lesley of Nagoya, Japan

    Excellent service you can rely on

    I love ordering from because they are a book seller you can always rely on for great service. I've been a loyal and frequent customer for many years. Not only do they provide quick delivery, but they have also gone the extra mile when I've had questions about books. Highly recommended!
  • Testimonial by: TG of Japan

    Sending thanks

    Please send my thanks to the wonderful staff lady with whom I spoke on the phone. The updated versions of the packing slip and receipt arrived safely.
  • Testimonial by: David Gray of Matsumoto, Japan

    Great Small Business

    It's great that I can phone and get help or advice on products. Also the prices are very competitive, often cheaper than the larger companies. Delivery is on time and I am also glad that packaging is done efficiently, avoiding waste. Since I run a small business I am happy to support them in their work! Thanks so much for many years of great service! David Gray
  • Testimonial by: Cory K. of Sendai

    Professional Service, Nice People!

    I have been ordering textbooks and graded readers from for four years now, and I am always impressed with the professional service and friendly people.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    I really appreciate the staff's patience

    engishbooks staff are so patient! We run a very small school, so are not exactly a BIG customer. However, we have used englishbooks for twenty years so they appreciate our loyalty and, it is to hoped, that we will do so for another twenty years! The staff are so helpful, and patient, even if we're only trying to find a couple of books. Three cheers for EB
  • Testimonial by: Alejandro Velez of Mexico.

    Great job!

    I Read Your article and it was excellente. Muchas Gracias amiga.
  • Testimonial by: Lilian Hirata

    Excellent service everytime

    The staff are really friendly and helpful even when I made a blunder. Ever since I found and started using, I've never bought from another ELT bookstore.
  • Testimonial by: Ryan of Tokyo

    Fantastically friendly

    I've been using these very friendly fellows for many years. Always great service.
  • Testimonial by: Maria Teresa Hoshi of Nasukarasuyama

    very effective books

    your books really helped my daughter to speak read and write English.the price is just fine it`s not costly.
  • Testimonial by: Finbarr Crowley of Nagoya

    A fantastic service

    This website is just so handy!! So many resources and really easy to use.They have also answered any queries on my part promptly. And to tell the truth they seem a genuinely nice service so thats why I use it whenever I need books.Keep it it up!!
  • Testimonial by: Senio Antonella

    Thank you for your prompt work! It really helps a lot when suddenly you need a textbook for a new student in your class! Recently I placed an order and one or two days later I needed to change it to add an extra textbook. You replyed in a blink of an eye and that also spared me from paying the expedition in case I had to place a new order just for one more textbook. Just want to say that I really appreciate it all! Please continue on this line, many people will feel like me, even though they don't want to take the bother to actually say that. My best regards.
  • Testimonial by: Shota Yamaguchi

    Great and reliable

    I ordered the flascards for my student's activity. The items were well-packed and it was on time. I got the items in discounted price. I highly recommend this website.
  • Testimonial by: RK of Hokkaido

    Good business practices

    Englishbooks is always willing to save the customer money instead of putting it in their own pocket. Companies like this are few and far between. Thankyou for your time and efforts once again.
  • Testimonial by: DC of Japan

    Tremendous Service!

    As always thanks for the tremendous service and I look forward to working with you all again soon.
  • Testimonial by: AP of Tokyo

    Perfect and on time!

    I am happy to report that we received our order in full. Perfect and on time. Wonderful!
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Dark Days but Happy Classes

    These are dark days due to SARSCoViD19, but englishbooks keeps us topped up with motivating material (-: It is a proven fact that smiling, laughing, etc. boosts the immune system. There is always something interesting in the 'Specials' so we will keep smiling through 2021!
  • Testimonial by: Romy Romero Mizuno Hosaka of Higashiku

    Thank you very much

    Perfect service, I have been using your services for years and I will continue as far as I have students.
  • Testimonial by: Matthew Ebrey of Sapporo

    Grand Service

    Always easy ordering from these guys. Not much talk, but all action. They are happy to reconfigure shipping to save me some dosh, and to send said dosh back my way. Keep it up.
  • Testimonial by: Anon of Japan

    Great service!

    It's a pleasure working with, and I look forward to many future transactions together. Please keep up the great service!
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Excellent Value

    englishbooks have been our supplier for over eighteen years but the dynamic continually changes for the better! Always check the 'Bargains' and just before you place your order you are offered some Extra Special Bargains. Helps out a lot in these tough times (-: STAY SAFE EVERYONE.
  • Testimonial by: David Gray of Matsumoto, Nagano Japan

    Great Selection and Discounts and Friendly Personal Service

    I have been buy materials from for many years now. Unlike some larger companies I can call them and get personal friendly help with my orders. I am pleased with the selection of books some of which I can not find anywhere else. Also the discounts offered often make this website the cheapest. I also appreciate it that deliveries are always on time and that the packaging is done to minimize waste. Thank you!!
  • Testimonial by: JP

    Amazing service!

    I really, really appreciated your time and advice today. There are very few people that teachers can talk to about textbooks and your willingness to give suggestions and your time is wonderful. I imagine many people buy from English Books because of price, but I'm a firm believer in supporting smaller companies (not sure how big you are) and those with amazing customer service. Thank you!
  • Testimonial by: SJ of Tokyo


    Thanks again for getting everything we need here on time as usual. It's a great help to our program.
  • Testimonial by: Ed Gonzalez of Hannan City Osaka

    Much Improved

    My wife and I have been customers of for many years. In our experience we've never been disappointed. That's not say there hasn't been problems but nothing that couldn't be worked out. The staff has always treated us fairly and courteously. We like the new look and the much improved user experience. In the past, searching for titles was a bit trying but now everything is much simpler and more logical. The invoicing is clear and all pertinent information is easily accessible. Email forms are easier to understand and respond to. The website is the front door of any business as they say and I'm quite impressed walking through this one.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara-shi, Sugahara-Cho

    Always Check Out the Bargain Box

    We always need material like yesterday! We can rely on englishbooks to do that Time-Machine thing! We have also found some treats from the Bargain Box, and our students really enjoy the additional material. Of course we have a core curriculum, but finishing-off class with a fun game of cards, or calculating the evening's constellation has all leaving with a spring in their step, and happier than when they arrived.
  • Testimonial by: Romy Romero Mizuno Hosaka of Higashiku

    Thank you very much

    Thank you very much for all your support. I have been using your service for more than 10 years. I really appreciate your customer service.
  • Testimonial by: SB of Tokyo

    Superior customer service

    Your company offers superior customer service, not to mention that your website is so much better designed and easier to navigate. I was constantly kept updated about my order and I appreciate the changes that were promptly made due to unavailability of books. I’ll definitely order from you in the near future!
  • Testimonial by: Luke McMahon of Nagano

    Very friendly, fast service, great products

    This ESL retail website actually shows interest in the customers rather than just being an automated service. They even sent me some nice gifts. The products I ordered have been a big hit with my Japanese students and my daughter too. I highly recommend them and look forward to ordering more books from them in future.
  • Testimonial by: CHERRYL HATSUMOTO of Chiba Prefecture, Funabashi City


    I LOVE!!! They are the best!!! Can't say anything more!!!
  • Testimonial by: Albert


  • Testimonial by: Luzviminda Maehara of Japan

    interesting products

    Whenever I go to Oxford expo , I don't forget to pass on your booth or corner. Discount cards are given always and staffs are so nice. Products I bought plays a very important role in my teaching job.Thaks.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara-Shi

    It is always good to know…

    …that englishbooks will do their level-best to provide an efficient, and (for me, most importantly) ECO-friendly service. I really appreciate this, as does ur planet
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Trustworthy are great because when you request that all items be sent together, that is what they do, unlike other companies whose carbon footprint is probably bigger than the world's largest river!
  • Testimonial by: Carolin Chen of Ibaraki, Japan

    Reliable service that I trust!

    I got to know about from ETJ seminar in October 2016. I had a great chance to browse through their available products and find that they have great range of books that can help my students in language learning. Things that I cannot find through Amazon. They give great deals and also fast service. It is a recommended place to get teaching materials and resources for any English teachers who are teaching in Japan! Even though this service is based in Japan, most of the books are helpful for any English language learners around the world.
  • Testimonial by: TS of Japan

    Thanks for the replacements

    Thank you very much for the replacements as well as going above and beyond what I had asked for. I really appreciate your customer service.
  • Testimonial by: Gregory R. of Osaka

    Timely delivery

    Once again has helped make the start of the semester very smooth for our teachers and students with a timely delivery of the materials we ordered. The online order system is very convenient and follow up communications were prompt with all the necessary details included so that everyone in our system could be informed on how things were proceeding. The paperwork and receipts are clear and accurate for our office to process for payment. Thank you always for your support.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Happy New (Academic) Year

    One (academic) year ends and a new one begins. We say "Goodbye and Good Luck!" to students who are moving on, and "Hello and Welcome!" to those who are starting with us here at English Together. Thank you englishbooks for all your assistance over the past year, and thanking you in advance for the help you will provide during this New Adademic Year - A Trusted Partner (-:
  • Testimonial by: Becky Kikuchi of Koganei City, Tokyo

    Thanks for being reliable and convenient!

    Today I had a choice whether I would save $1000 and order with a different company, but I chose this one because I knew my books wouldn't be delayed and I could pay for them with a credit card. So much easier, so I chose you guys! Thanks!
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Peace of Mind

    In the UK we say, "I'll give you a piece of my mind..." to proceed an angry utterance. Well, quite the opposite! englishbooks always give me Peace of Mind; I can trust them to supply all our needs promptly and according to specifications.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    AS always, Excellent Service

    My wife and I really appreciate your bi-lingual help, and especially those staff who don't feel confident to proceed, so transfer to an L1 speaker. This saves everyone precious time.
  • Testimonial by: Kathy Kuwahara of Japan

    Best Site For English Teachers

    I started my school in 2016. I was new to it all and was finding my legs. I ordered from a few sites, but have settled on The customer service is the best. They have helped me decide on books (when I couldn't make a decision on which book to get for a certain level). They communicate quickly and effectively. Any question I have, they answer quickly. If something is out of stock, they do their best to provide me with an alternative or give me a timeframe. I will always buy from them. They are the best.
  • Testimonial by: LT of Hokkaido

    New website

    I love the new website. Shopping here has become 100% easier and faster. Great Job!!!
  • Testimonial by: Stanat Scott of Harima

    Friendly, yet Professional

    I have been using this company for over 10 years, and my orders always come quickly and accurately. If anything needs to be backordered, you tell me immediately, and are prompt and courteous should I choose to cancel the backordered item. with the discounts and the free shipping for larger orders, this is my go-to site for both texts and classroom posters. I will always recommend your site to friends, and keep it secret from competitors! ;-)
  • Testimonial by: carrieanne morita of Saitama

    Great company!

    Great company to work with. All of my orders have been efficent and the staff members are super friendly and helpful. I have been ordering from them for years and never had a problem. Thanks a million!
  • Testimonial by: Joseph Sanger of Japan

    Excellent service!

    I have been using for over thirteen years now, and they have always been fantastic, speedy and very reliable. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to write a testimonial!
  • Testimonial by: Scott Stanat, ASPEN English Academy

    Great Service

    I've been using this company for many, many years, and have never had a bad experience. Great customer service, they notify promptly if there is any problem with an order (and there so rarely is). Great prices, too! The best average prices I've seen in nearly 30 years teaching in Japan.
  • Testimonial by: Lorna of tokyo

    Thumbs up

    Great !!! it came on time Thanks again
  • Testimonial by: LB of Kansai

    Best supplier!

    Thanks for being the best supplier of English teaching materials!
  • Testimonial by: Dan

    Quick shipping!

    Thank you so much for the quick shipping on the previous order.
  • Testimonial by: Cory


    I placed an order online with at 13:07 yesterday, and received notification that it had been shipped at 13:25 yesterday. AMAZING SERVICE!
  • Testimonial by: Mona of Aichi

    It was my first time to order at English books and was hesitant at first because I was told that 1 out of the 3 items I ordered is not available at the moment so they'll be sending the available items first but upon delivery I have to pay for the pending item too. I thought why would I pay for an undelivered item so before agreeing to their terms I browsed testimonials of other customers and since everybody seem to be satisfied I agreed to pay for the total amount including the pending item. The items were delivered as promised and I I was updated with the delivery status 24/7. I'm satisfied and will order again. Thanks.
  • Testimonial by: Julian Whitney of Nara

    Ask englishbooks first

    Some Publishers are hard to contact and others don't provide images so you can't check that what you are ordering has the same cover as the title you have already bought. Ask englishbooks first! They will help you through the maze. Thank you English books (-:
  • Testimonial by: BEST English School of Akaike

    Ordering made easy! is a great site for me as a) it's cheap; b) it's quick; c) their staff are always very prompt in answering any queries; and d) they have a huge range of titles. I now order all of my books for my school through the site, and cannot recommend it highly enough.
  • Testimonial by: DANIEL COURT of Yokohama

    Best in Japan!

    Longtime customer. Efficient, reliable and cost-effective supplier. Customer-oriented business which has always satisfied my sometimes changeable requirements. Drop them an email. They will sort it out for you!
  • Testimonial by: Florence McNair of Chiba prefecture

    The best ESL supplies

    When we started our school 2 years ago, we bought our resources from all kinds of places. Now, we only buy from Prices, service, and the easy web interface just can't be beat. Every time I'm looking for something and I'm not sure what it is, I'll spend hours scouring the internet, and only a few minutes on before I find a bunch of things that are exactly what I want. The selection of products is great. Now it's my one-stop-shop and I'm slowly buying everything!! I recommend it to all my fellow English teachers. Thanks a lot, you guys!
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