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Search for a book

With over 24,000 products listed on our site it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. The easiest way to search is to use the search box located at the top of every screen. Just type in the name of the book or series you want and choose the right level or edition from the results. Typing in the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the book directly into the search box will give you an exact match. No need for hyphens, just type in the 13 digit number found on the back of most books where the bar code is. It usually starts with 978.

We also have an Advanced Search. Here you can search by category and also specify the price range. Another great way to look around for products is to browse through the categories. It's a bit like window shopping. When you see something you're interested in, just pop in and take a closer look! Start on the right-hand side of our website where it says "English Language Products" and browse! Bit by bit you'll come across hundreds of great resources for your students and school.

Happy shopping!
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Making payment

We accept payment in 4 different ways. Please select the payment method of your choice.

  • Credit Card - we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB.
    Please note for security we strongly recommend you ensure you are using an updated browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc and avoid using old and unsupported browsers such as Internet Explorer.
  • Cash on Delivery - 300 yen (+tax) handling charge applies for orders less than 10,000 yen.
    In cases where we make two or more shipments to you, payment will be taken in full (for all products) at the time of the first delivery.
  • Bank Transfer - Please include your order number (as well as your name) when making a bank transfer. This helps us locate your funds quicker! Any transfer fees are the customer's responsibility.
    Mizuho Bank, Miyazaki Branch, (futsu) 1846029
  • Post Office Transfer - Any transfer fees are the customer's responsibility.
    Remittance from Japan Post Office Bank Account Holders: 17310-12460321
    Remittance from other bank: Bank Name (店名) nana san hachi (七三八(ナナサンハチ)) (futsu) 1246032

As our general policy is to take payments in advance of shipping, customers selecting bank or post office transfer will need to remit payment to us prior to your order being shipped. We ask for your understanding and co-operation with this policy, which enables us to keep our prices as low as possible! If you would prefer not to pay in advance, we recommend the "Cash on Delivery" option.
Please note, is a subsidiary of Dream Blossom Ltd. since November 1st, 2019. It was previously a subsidiary of Travelman Ltd. The name of our bank account remained Travelman Ltd until December 1st, 2019 and changed to Dream Blossom Ltd from December 2nd, 2019. There's no change to the bank account number. Please pay special attention to the bank account name based on your remittance timing.
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You can view, adjust the name, and print, receipts from your Order History page under My Account. Just click on "View my orders". Or even simpler, click on "Order History" at the bottom of each page.

Please note, we do not issue receipts for orders where the method of payment is Cash on Delivery. In these cases, the delivery person will give you a receipt. As proof of purchase you may also like to keep the transfer receipt from the ATM or bank counter when making a money transfer, and for credit card payments your statement will show how much you paid us.
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Trouble logging in

We've recently updated our website so that you can now make orders easily from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Our website is now using the latest technology and may not be compatible with some older web browsers like Internet Explorer version 9 etc. If you cannot login please check which web browser you are using. For Internet Explorer users please update to the latest version 11 to take advantage of all the features we have on our site (and other sites too!).

If you are using Google Chrome or Safari we don't think you will experience any problems. Or at least we hope you don't! However, if you are still having trouble logging in or experience any difficulties with our site please contact us right away.
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Contact us

Please contact us using the Contact Us form. You can specify exactly what your enquiry is about which will help us deal with your enquiry in the most efficient way, either in Japanese or English. Our staff are on stand-by to respond and assist you in the best way we possibly can!
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Shipping charges

Shipping is free (within Japan) for orders over 10,000 yen (before discount, tax exclusive). For orders below 10,000 yen, a 700 yen + tax shipping charge will apply. If paying by Cash on Delivery the shipping charge becomes 800 yen + tax.

For orders consisting only of e-books or e-learning products shipping is free. However, if we have to physically ship something to you to complete payment (for example, if you choose to pay by cash on delivery or we need to send an access card etc.), then normal shipping charges will apply.
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Delivery times

We aim to ship all orders within 1-5 working days. We always ship your order as quickly as we possibly can! Occasionally, an item may be out of stock at our suppliers, or even out of stock in Japan. In these cases, it may take from 10 days to a month or more to ship some of your items. Products in your order which are readily available, however, will still be shipped within 5 working days, and we will contact you to ensure that you know the status of your order and the expected date of shipping. We will not charge you any extra shipping costs for items shipped at a later date due to being out of stock. Let us know if you have a particular date and/or time you want delivery and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

Q:My order has been shipped, when will it arrive?
A:If you did not specify a delivery date your order will arrive in one or two days depending on where you live. View this map to see when your goodies will arrive...
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Returns and conditions for returning items.

If your school orders too many books due to estimating student numbers, we can accept returns up to 10% of the value ordered according to the following conditions.

1. Returned items must be in perfect saleable condition.
2. Please always get our written authorisation before returning items. All returns must be authorised by us in writing before being returned to us and the shipping cost must be paid by the sender.
3. Returns are to be authorised within 60 days after the date of the shipping of the original order.
4. Returns will normally be refunded by means of a credit against your next order and will be valid for one year from issue date. After this date the credit expires.
5. There are some exceptions such as sales items, out of print books and books specifically ordered from overseas that cannot be returned.
6. If the total amount after the return is less than 10,000 yen, you will be responsible for the applicable shipping fee at the time of order. The current shipping fee of 700 yen + tax (for orders paid via cash on delivery, the shipping fee is 800yen + tax + cash on delivery fee 300 yen + tax) will be offset against the refund amount.
7. The discount rate for the entire order will change depending on the total amount after the return(s). Please see here for details on the discount rate.

We do our best to ensure all items in your order arrive with you in perfect condition. However, if you ever receive damaged or faulty items in your order, or items different to those ordered, or if you find a quantity discrepancy the policy above does not apply. In such cases, provided you contact us within 14 days of the invoice date, we will work with you to resolve the matter at our discretion.
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Shipping overseas

We can usually ship products overseas, using the Post Office EMS service. This offers fast and reliable delivery to many countries. (List of countries and regions served by EMS) Unfortunately, we cannot usually ship to other destinations - sorry! There is no free shipping available for destinations outside Japan. We charge the actual EMS rate, plus 5% of the EMS rate to cover the cost of collecting this charge by credit card.(EMS shipping rates)

Please place your order in the usual way. Once we have confirmed the weight and shipping cost of your order we will send you a request to pay by credit card, via PayPal, for the full amount. After confirming your payment we will dispatch your order.
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We try our best to keep our online catalogue as up-to-date as possible, however some products which are listed on our site do go out of print and we are unable to supply these items. In these cases we will cancel the item from your order and delete the product from our online catalogue. If you have already made payment we will refund you the amount of the cancelled product. The refund will be made as soon as possible and in any event no more than 30 days after the order was placed.
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Ordering unlisted products

We have over 24,000 products listed in our online catalogue but we understand there may be times when you want to order a product not listed in our catalogue. Don't worry! Just let us know what you want and we will do our best to get it for you.

If you are making an online order for other products as well, please:
1. Put all of the products you can find into your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.
2. In the comments box tell us what other products you would like. Where possible include the product name, ISBN (or product code), publisher, and don't forget to tell us how many copies of each product you want!
3. As your online payment total will not include the unlisted products, please select either "Bank Transfer", "Post Office Transfer", or "Cash on Delivery". If you would prefer to pay by credit card, please select "Bank Transfer", and write "payment by credit card" in the comments box too. Regardless of your payment method, we will contact you with your new payment total, and in the case of credit card, to arrange your payment.
4. Submit your order. We will be in touch!

If you are not ordering any products which are listed online, please contact us through the Contact Us form to place your order.
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Order cancellation

STOP! I want to cancel my order!

That's OK. Please contact us via the Contact Us form telling us your order number and why you want to cancel your order. If the order has already been shipped (be careful, we're quick!) and you'd still like to cancel the order, we will ask you to return the items at your expense. Please note, in cases of refund for cancelled orders we will refund by way of an electronic voucher to be used on any subsequent order.

Sadly we do not accept returns or cancellations for any items which have been specially imported from overseas.
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Prices displayed on our site

Prices displayed on our site are inclusive of 8% sales tax. Prices without tax are also displayed in brackets for your reference. To the best of our knowledge all prices are correct at the time of uploading the products to our site. Prices do change and and whilst we always try our very best to update our site with price adjustments there may be times when inaccuracies exist. We simply ask for your understanding, and to go easy on us....we're doing our best!
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Our great discounts and points

We are the online ELT specialists and we are very happy to offer you exceptionally great discounts! The majority of products on our site are discounted from between 10% and 20% off the retail price. Here's a general guide to our discounts and points...

Foreign-published products
Under 10,000 yen total: 10% discount
From 10,000 yen to 149,999 yen total: 15% discount
150,000 yen or more total: 20% discount

Japanese-published products
Under 10,000 yen total: 1% points
From 10,000 yen to 149,999 yen total: 5% points
150,000 yen or more total: 7% points

Matsuka Phonics Institute (mpi), EFL Press, Learning Resources, and some other products
Uniform 10% discount regardless of total, and:
From 10,000 yen to 149,999 yen total: 1% points
150,000 yen or more total: 5% points

Some nitty-gritty...
- Points earned can be used as full or part payment on a future online order, at the rate of 1 point = 1 yen.
- Discount and point rates are calculated based on the grand total (tax exclusive) of all products in a single order, regardless of product type, and before any discounts or points are applied.
- We reserve the right to change discount and point rates at any time and without prior notice.
- Points cannot, in any circumstances, be exchanged directly for cash.
- If items are returned to us, which have been wholly or partly paid for using points, the points portion of any refund due will be issued as an electronic discount voucher.
- If a customer account is deleted by us owing to inactivity for one year, any points remaining in that account will also be deleted; in this case, no refund or compensation will be paid to the customer and the points cannot be reinstated.
- Our points system may be withdrawn, or conditions changed, at any time, and without prior notice. In the event that the points system is withdrawn, we will honour remaining points for one full year from the date of points system withdrawal; after this time, all unused points will be deleted without refund or compensation.
- The above list is a general guide to our discount and points rates, and exceptions do exist. The exact discount or points rate for each product is shown under the price of each product.
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Promo codes

Every now and then you might be lucky enough to get one of our promo codes. If you do have one be sure to use it before the deadline! You can input the promo code at checkout which will then be reflected in your order total.

Details for each promo will vary but here are some guiding points...
- Promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo.
- If you lose a unique promo code we cannot reissue it.
- Unless otherwise stated promo codes can be used only once per customer account.
- Promo codes cannot be exchanged for cash.
- We reserve the right to withdraw any promo code, at any time without prior notice.
- To get our great promo codes sign up for our newsletter, like our Facebook page and stay tuned!
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Our privacy policy is a subsidiary of Dream Blossom Ltd. Your privacy is important to us, and this Privacy Policy is designed to inform you of how we handle your personal information. Please note that this page is a translation of our Japanese Privacy Policy, which is the official version. This English version is provided purely for informational purposes.

This Privacy Policy covers the following items: Your name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, shipping address and order/enquiry history.
One of our directors is in charge of looking after our privacy policy and ensuring that it is strictly enforced. Your personal information will not be used by or released to anyone outside of Dream Blossom Ltd (except in the cases listed below). We will endeavour to keep your personal information up to date. To help us better ensure the safety of your private information we strongly recommend that you log out when not using your account.

In the following situations, however, we may release your personal information:
1. When we have your consent.
2. With shipping companies, or other necessary third parties, for the purposes of order fulfillment.
3. With certain publishers/suppliers for the purposes of direct shipments, sample/teacher copies and/or other specific order or product-related matters. Please note that in order to supply certain market-restricted items, some publishers/suppliers may require us to provide them with a school (company) name and/or teacher name at the time of order.
4. If the receiving party is a Court of Law, Public Prosecutor, Police Officer or similar; even then, that party must be in possession of a warrant or other such document requiring us to supply your personal information.
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Conditions of use

In accordance with the law for distance trading, please note the following:

1. Merchant: Dream Blossom Ltd trading as
2. Representative Directors: Cameron Nagatomo
3. Address: Houji 607, Miyazaki-shi, 880-0123
4. Telephone Number: 0985-41-6611
5. Email Address:
6. Website:
7. Merchandise: English, Japanese and Other Foreign Language Teaching Books and Resources
8. Charges Other than Product Price: Shipping: 700 yen + tax (800yen + tax for COD orders) if order value is less than 10,000 yen, free if 10,000 yen or more. COD Handling Charge: 300 yen + tax if order value is less that 10,000 yen, free if 10,000 yen or more. Bank/Post Office Transfer Fee: Paid by customer. Overseas shipping: actual EMS cost plus 5% credit card processing charge (on shipping cost only).
10. Payment Method: Bank/Post Office transfer, cash on delivery, credit card (via PayPal). Overseas orders must be pre-paid by credit card only.
11. Delivery Schedule: Usually within 1-5 working days of order. If this is not possible, we will contact the customer. We only ship outside Japan by special arrangement, with shipping by EMS.
12. Returns Policy: If merchandise is faulty, damaged or incorrectly supplied, it may be returned at our expense. Return of merchandise for any other reason is at the expense of the customer.
13. If no orders are made from a customer account for a period of one year from the date of the last order, we may delete the account, at which point any points remaining in the account will also be deleted.
14. Warning: Discount rates, points and service policies may be subject to change. Prices of products do vary over time and whilst we make every effort to ensure that information displayed is correct, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies on the site.
15. In the event a customer is unable to receive an order shipped by us and then asks us to re-send it. If the maximum holding period of the post office or shipping company has expired, the shipping fee to re-send will be at the expense of the customer.
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Cookies uses cookies. Cookies enable us to recognise you when you visit and provide you with customized pages. You can set your browser to prevent the use of cookies, but some of our services may become unavailable to you if you do so.

If you have no idea what Cookies are all're not the only one! You can check out lots more info here:
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e-book help

How do I buy a digital product?
You can buy a digital product (e-book) in the same way you can buy a regular printed product from our website Simply place the product you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If you are a new customer with us you will need to create an account. Once you have proceeded to checkout please make payment using your preferred payment method. After confirming your payment we will send you a Keycode and a link to a webpage where you can activate your digital product. Once activated, you will be able to open and read your book at any time.

How can I see my digital product?
There are two ways you can view the product you have purchased; 1) WebApp and 2) LocalApp. The WebApp is used to view the product on any mobile device such as an iPad, tablet or smart phone. The LocalApp is used to download the product onto your computer.

What is the WebApp?
The WebApp is used to view your product on any mobile device. If you have a smart phone, iPad, tablet or similar mobile device you can view your product by using the WebApp. Please note, you will need to be connected to the internet in order to view your product using the WebApp.

What is the LocalApp?
The LocalApp is used to download the product onto your computer. Once you have activated your product you no longer need to be connected to the internet. You can view your book at any time. There are two kinds of LocalApps you can use, the first one is ‘WinEXE’ and the second one is ‘Win/Mac’. If you are using Microsoft Windows you can view your product by clicking on the ‘WinEXE’ button. Using this method means you don\’t need to decompress any files, as it will be installed onto your computer. You can choose the location and whether you would like to have an icon on your desktop. Alternatively, if you are using Microsoft Windows or a Macintosh (Apple) computer, you can download the book onto your computer using the ‘Win/Mac’ button. This is a ZIP file, which needs to be opened and the files extracted.

How do I open my book for the first time using the WebApp?
To open, or activate, your book for the first time using the WebApp you will need an internet connection and remember you can do this from any mobile device!
- Please click on the icon under WebApp that reads ‘Activate’.
- You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, email address and Keycode.
- If your activation is successful you will be asked to Login using your email address and a password of your choice. Please note, next time you want to read your book you can simply Login using your email address and password, but don\’t forget your password as we cannot retrieve it for you!
- You now have full access to your book! Next time you want to read, simply click on the ‘Read’ icon under WebApp and login, or alternatively use the LocalApp and download the book onto your computer.
- For easy WebApp access add an icon onto your mobile device Home Screen.

How do I open my book for the first time using the LocalApp?
- Download the product onto your computer by clicking on either the ‘WinEXE’ or the ‘Win/Mac’ buttons. It is a good idea to Save the product somewhere on your computer where it is easily accessible, like your Desktop for example.
- After you have downloaded and saved the product to your computer, double-click on the book icon. If the book has been saved somewhere on your computer then you will need to locate the correct folder and double click the ‘BookOnReader’ file within the folder.
- The book opens but it is still in demonstration mode so only part of the book is accessible. You need to unlock your book with the Keycode you have received. Click ‘OK’.
- If WebTracking is included with your product, click ‘OK’.
- Next, click ‘Help’ on the navigation bar at the top.
- Click on the option that reads ‘Activate Product’.
- Fill in the form with your name, email address and the Keycode you received after purchasing the product. Click ‘Continue’.
- Click ‘Submit’.
- Your book is now unlocked. Close the window.
- Your registration details appear. Click ‘OK’ and enjoy your book!

What is a Keycode and why do I need it?
The Keycode is your unique code to access your product. You will need it to open, or Activate, your product for the first time on separate devices or computers. When entering your Keycode please ensure it is entered correctly. We recommend you copy and paste the Keycode directly into the form field.

What can I do if I forget my password?
Please contact us at via the Contact Us form to see if we can help.

I cannot Activate my product. (Activation Error message)
Please ensure your first and last names are written in Roman alphabet characters and that your name is at least two characters long. Your email address should be at least eight characters long. To ensure your Keycode is inputted correctly we recommend you copy and paste the Keycode directly into the Activation form field. If you are activating your product for a second time on a different device or computer you must be sure that the information is entered the same as previously entered. This information will be checked (by our servers) against the previous activation. This also ensures that your unique keycode cannot be used by someone else.

How many times can I activate my product?
Your product can be activated a maximum of 2 times. That means you can activate the product either twice using the LocalApp, or twice using the WebApp or once each for the LocalApp and WebApp (recommended). Please note, once activated using the WebApp there is no limit to the number of mobile devices you can read your book on. If you have an iPad and a smart phone, you can use both. Once you activate the product using the WebApp you can read the product on any number of mobile devices.

I want to read my product again. What should I do?
If you have already Activated the product using the WebApp click ‘Read’ from the link you were given after purchasing the product. You will need to login using your email address and password you entered upon Activating the product for the first time. If you have already downloaded the product to your computer using the LocalApp then simply click on the Book icon you saved to your desktop or other place on your computer (this file may be contained within the folder you originally downloaded so you will need to find it!). Once the Local App has been activated, you can open and read anytime you wish. You now possess the book, just as you would a print book!

Why can\’t I login to read my book? (Login Error message)
Your product is directly linked to your email address and password. If either of these do not match exactly with the email address and password you entered on first logging in, you will not be able to view your book. Please ensure your email address and password are inputted correctly. This is a safety measure for you, as well as for us. We need to make sure that you are the person accessing this book. If there is WebTracking (for tests within the book), this also ensures that the results will be credited to you, and only you!

Can I get a refund?
If you are having difficulty opening and viewing your product we will give you a full refund (minus any transfer fees and a 330 yen handling fee) provided we receive your claim to refund within 48 hours after purchase.

How can I view my product on iPad / Kindle Fire / tablet?
After purchase we will send you a link. You will need to access this link using your iPad / Kindle Fire / tablet. On accessing this link your web browser will open and you can view your product by clicking on the WebApp button.

Are there any mobile devices I cannot view my product on?
Since this product is an interactive, multimedia digital product, if your device is not multimedia-capable, you will not be able to access this book. Plain-text devices (not multimedia capable) like the older Kindle, the Nook, and Kobo cannot be used to read this book. However, you can read this WebApp on devices like the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, as well as: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, smart phones, Android phones & tablets, Blackberry, and so on.

My computer is broken and I have exceeded my 2 Activations, can I have another Activation to download the product on my new computer?
We are very sorry but we cannot issue any more than 2 Activations per product. On first receiving your Keycode we recommend activating the product on one computer (Local App) and keeping the extra activation for emergencies (i.e. hard drive failure, new computer, etc…).
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Download products

As well as providing thousands of great books and resources we also provide materials for download. So how do they work?
Well, it's really quite easy... After we confirm your payment, we'll send you a link for you to download and print out your new materials. That's it! You can also find a download button in your Download History page in My Account. You'll need to login to your account to be able to download these products. Nothing to it really!

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