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Any Questions?

(税抜 2,000円)

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Author(s):Simon Capper
出版社 Perceptia Press

Any Questions? provides enjoyable communicative activities to promote fluency, automaticity, and form in a fun, focused question workout.

Thought-provoking Lateral Thinking puzzles provide meaningful pattern practice and develop problem-solving skills through goal-oriented information-gap tasks. Crossword Challenges build proficiency with "Wh-" question forms and encourage memorization of common patterns, such as "How do you say 'escargot' in English?" Speed Questions develop awareness of the need for automaticity. Learners learn to answer everyday questions without those dreaded long silences! Questions for Communication help learners to move from simple question / answer exchanges, to longer, more meaningfully fluent communication.

Any Questions? also promotes:

  • a focus on form and remedial grammar work
  • easy management of large, mixed ability classes
  • extensive speaking and thinking
  • a great social environment, in which learners are able to interact with all classmates regardless of class size.

About the Author:
Simon Capper has over 20 years of experience teaching in Japanese universities, and has been teaching at the Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing since 2004. He has authored several English language textbooks and, at the time of publication, is president of Hiroshima JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching).



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