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Check it out! 4 Split Combos 4B

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Author(s):Milada Broukal
Publisher Cengage Learning
Check it out! is a four-level series in American English that uses carefully chosen themes to introduce learners to global culture through the study of English. Age-appropriate language activities develop learners’ reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills ? and motivates them to use English.
For students who are preparing to take international English examinations in the future Check it out! systematically introduces skills practice and question types which are commonly found on such exams.

Check it out! offers clear language presentation and practice, with plenty of models for learners to use. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced in the reading passage, with abundant follow-up practice. And there is plenty of language fun too ? idioms, interesting facts, jokes, and tongue twisters!

Each level of Check it out! features a well-known story, told chapter by chapter throughout the Student Book. Each story is supported with reading activities to enhance the learner’s understanding and enjoyment.

Each unit in Check it out! uses a carefully chosen topic to investigate an area of world culture. Covering areas as varied as how people greet each other and how to become a sumo wrestler, students use English to compare these with their own experiences and opinions of the world.

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