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English Land 2nd Edition 1 English Land and English Language Booster Special Starter Pack

4,488円 3,300円
(w/o tax 3,000円)
Expires: 2021-03-31

10 ~ 20%OFF
Author(s):Regina Raczyńska, Cristiana Bruni with Akiko Seino
Publisher Pearson
Limited offer – only until the end of March 2021!

We are now offering starter sets with English Land 2nd Edition and English Language Booster for a very special price. Please ask Pearson sales reps or ELT booksellers.

English Land (2nd Edition) Student Book Level 1
English Land (2nd Edition) Activity Book Level 1
English Language Booster Level 1

* English Land motivates children with their favorite films and characters from Disney / Pixar.
It provides hours of exposure to and practice with English, enabling students to listen to stories, play classroom games, sing songs, and discover links with their other studies and the world around them.
At the same time it teaches social values through English.

* English Language Booster is skill-based supplementary material that can be used in the classroom as well as at home. This material is ideal for students who want to improve their skills through listening, reading, writing and speaking activities, CLIL, small/capital letters exercises, phonics, sight words, CAN-DO self assessment and more. This material can also be used to prepare for the Eiken Junior test.