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Everyday English 1 Home Study DVD Set (2 DVDs)

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Author(s):Kenny King
Publisher Maple Leaf Publishing
The Everyday English 1 Home Study DVD Set consists of 2 DVDs. The set is laid out into 12 units, 1 for each month. It was designed to be used with the Everyday English course but it can also be used as a supplement for any other children’s course. Each month’s unit is about 15 minutes long. It includes commonly used vocabulary, phonics, songs and simple skits to help make English come to life. Topics include fruit, colors, vegetables, weather, verbs, insects, animals and many more.
Total running time:
Disc 1 = 74 min
Disc 2 = 65 min.

Note: The format of this DVD is: UDF
May not play on some portable or home use DVD players. Please check your DVD player to ensure compatibility.

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