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Explain It!

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Author(s):Robert Long
Publisher Perceptia Press
When Japanese students talk to foreigners, the most common questions that they are asked are naturally about Japan. Explain It! is the easy and fun way for your students to improve their English as they learn how to explain their own culture. As most Japanese students use English in talking with foreigners, both in Japan and overseas, practicing English by talking about Japanese culture is a perfect combination.

Explain It! is based around fourteen themes including sports, music, food, handicrafts, famous people, and superstitions. Each theme focuses on an aspect of Japanese culture and enables Japanese students to explain their own opinions and experiences about the themes.

Students ask and answer increasingly challenging questions on particular aspects in Japanese culture, practice realistic role plays with foreigners, and then review these items in a way that increases fluency. As students move through the book, they also build up a bank of useful language expressions which can be used to effectively talk about their own culture.

Use this book for:
Conversation and discussion courses
Reading classes
Homestay programs
English conversation clubs

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