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Hands on History: 4 Book Set (Hardcover)

10,560円 7,920円
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Author(s):Stephen Pow & Han Chae
Publisher e-future

Hands on History is a four-volume, content-based reading series designed for English language learners.

This 4 book set consists of all four books in the series at a special 25% off price!

In forty concise units, the authors tell the story of human history from the very first civilization to modern times, while taking the readers on a lively and exciting journey across the centuries. The passages are written in clear, understandable English and are accompanied by colorful illustrations, photos and maps to help students comprehend and remember important historical facts.

  • Content-based material appropriate for English language learners
  • World history topic taught across school curriculums
  • Highly visual units including timelines, maps, and photos
  • Easy and intuitive lesson flow
  • Audio CD for learner support

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Hands on History 1

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Hands on History 2

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Hands on History 3

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Hands on History 4

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