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Happy Valley 3 Workbook with CD

1,320円 924円
(w/o tax 840円)
ISBN:Bargain Bin 03745
Author(s):Catherine Littlehale Oki, Simon Moran
Publisher Modern English
Product Code:9789881303745
** Damaged Cover **

Includes stickers and a CD!

Happy Valley is a character-led series that gets kids from 2 to 6 listening and speaking in English ? FAST!
Illustrations, animations, songs, chants, games and movement appeal to all learners. Kids love the characters, follow the stories and easily learn real English words and phrases.
The CD is jam-packed with songs, chants, stories and dialogues. Workbooks review classroom learning at home.
The Phonanimals Workbook, phonics song and actions quickly get kids saying basic letter sounds.
Happy Valley also has loads of great stickers.

The Workbook is the companion to the Student Book, containing 4 activities for each of the 10 Units.
These directly or closely mimic the activities found in the Student Book.
Stickers, coloring, listen and do, interviews and other age appropriate activies are included for easy use.
Suggested dialogues are provided and all are recorded on the Workbook CD so parents can do the activities at home with their children.

Check out some sample pages from "Happy Valley 3 Workbook P8-9"