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Marathon Mouth 7th Edition Book 1 On Your Marks! Teacher's Edition

3,300円 1,650円
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ISBN:Bargain Bin 89848
Author(s):Lesley Koustaff, Brent Gaston, Paul Shimizu
Publisher Intercom Press
Product Code:9784900689848
** Damaged Cover **

The Marathon Mouth Series (7th Edition) is a student-centered, grammar / function-based English conversation text book designed for high school to college level conversation classes.
The cooperative-learning, student-centered methodologies featured create a holistic approach to language learning that will benefit students who have studied English for a number of years, yet lack the confidence and / or ability to speak.
The text maximizes student on-task time in the classroom with non-threatening, confidence-building activities.

Key Features:
  • Four-person information gap activities, interviews, class surveys and find someone who activities optimize student classroom speaking time in the target language in a meaningful way and places responsibility for learning into their own hands
  • Listening activities with peer correction expose students to focused listening practice and build comprehension
  • Optional card activities add a lively "3-Dimensional" aspect
  • "About Me!" sections allow the student to personalize the target language
  • "Teacher's Choice" sections allow teachers to extend personalization aspects of the text

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