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Nice to Meet You 2nd Edition (Japanese Version)

(w/o tax 1,900円)

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Author(s):David Barker
Publisher BTB Press

Need new materials for your school?

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Need new materials for your school?

Request Inspection Copy
Nice to Meet You Second Edition focuses on the type of English conversations that learners might expect to have with someone they meet for the first time. This book prepares them for a speaking test at the end of the course. Each unit focuses on a main questions such as “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?” The text explains key pragmatic points relating to the main questions, introduces typical follow-ups, and then demonstrates how those questions and answers can be developed into conversations. There is a strong focus on extensive repetition and practice. The units also include exercises for listening and pronunciation. Finally, a series of short reading texts explains important concepts that students need to understand in order to become effective learners of English.

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