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A Single Step to English Communication Workbook

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Author(s):Steven E. Quasha
Publisher Akebono Press
Product Code:9784905426592
This workbook has been designed to accompany A Single Step to English Communication textbook.
The content of this workbook has been taken directly from years of textbook use and the supplements created to accompany the unit themes. These supplements were further trialed, compiled, and edited into this workbook. The design philosophy was to take the unit topics, the cognitive themes, of the textbook, and provide extensions (further vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation practice; additional grammar, reading, and writing practice; and more communicative opportunities).
These extensions have been principally designed to be used as homework to prepare for in-class communicative practice although many “partner practice” sections are intended to be utilized in-class. An answer section is further provided on the homepage - to help maximize efficiency and offer both teacher and student support.
This, we hope, provides a robust companion to the textbook while creating a more dynamic classroom experience.

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