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Speed Phonics 1 Student Book (including Workbook, CDs, Flashcards)

2,200円 1,540円
(w/o tax 1,400円)
ISBN:Bargain Bin 00798
Publisher e-future
Product Code:9791156800798
** Damaged Cover **

Speed Phonics is a three-level series for young learners who are learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Designed by EFL specialists, Speed Phonics uses a quick and concise approach to introduce the basic phonics skills. Speed Phonics will help students develop the necessary tools for reading and writing.

・Carefully designed step-by-step approach
・Various fun and engaging activities
・Cumulative review exercises and progress tests
・Phonics stories and chants with sight words
・Entertaining comics and game boards
・Photos and colorful illustrations
・Digital CD with extra activities and animated stories and chants
・Online support for students and teachers


 Student Book 1-3
- Including Workbook, Audio CD, Digital CD, and Flashcards
 Teacher's Manual 1-3
- Including Teacher Resource CD

 Speed Phonics Online (
- LCMS (Learning Contents Management System)
- Interactive e-book for classroom use
- Additional activities and assessments

 Speed Phonics Application
- Flashcards
- Review exercises
- Word games

 Downloadable Resources (
- Answer keys
- MP3 files
- Tests
- Activity sheets
- Game ideas
- Story extension activities

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