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Versant Speaking Test

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Publisher Versant
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Updated APP for iOS(v1.11.3) has been released.
You can download it at the App store now. Please update to the latest APP people who already installed the one. Please note that the result of the test would be disappeared in case you delete the APP, not to update so please UPDATE the APP.

* We do not accept returns for any Test ID which have been sent.

Versant is a test of practical English skills. In contrast with traditional assessment tools, results are available within just a few minutes of test completion; the test itself can be taken using a Smartphone App or on a PC, at any time and in any place!
Versant assesses English ability using an advanced automatic language recognition system developed by Pearson. The reliable assessment which the Versant test provides has led to its use by many educational institutions and companies across the globe.

Versant Speaking Test:
A standardized test of speaking and listening skills. The test presents six different tasks, including reading sentences, repeating sentences, answering short questions, building sentences, story retelling, and answering open questions. The Versant Speaking Test takes only 17 minutes.

Versant measures the user's spoken English skills by asking the following questions:
Part A: Reading
Part B: Repeat Sentences
Part C: Answer Short Questions
Part D: Build Sentences
Part E: Story Retelling
Part F: Open Questions

Typical applications for the Versant English Test:
 ・Placing students into the correct language course
 ・Qualifying international teaching assistants
 ・Certification for evidence of language fluency for job applicants

Versant Speaking Test:

* Please see below for the details about how to have the test.

* We will send a PDF data printed with TIN code by email after we confirmed your payment, during our office hours.
Office hours: 10:00am-4:00pm Mon-Fri except National Holidays

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