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Vocabulary Notebooks - (Download Product)

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Author(s):John Spiri
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Provide your own pocket-sized vocabulary notebooks for students! The notebook provides spaces for 12 new vocabulary words a week (with space for definitions or translations) for 14 weeks, with suggested fun activities at the bottom of each page to review and more fully learn the words. The back page provides space to record quiz scores, a brief overview of high frequency words in English, and a space for learners to write reflections on their learning. Teachers may personalize before photocopying for students by writing a few key vocabulary on the notebook.

The zip file contains two PDF each with a different printing option for the same vocabulary notebook.

1. To print the A5 sized PDF, use the "print booklet" function on your printer to print onto A5 sized paper, then photocopy as many copies as needed (I copy two A5 notebooks side by side onto A4 paper then cut them). When folded the vocabulary notebook will be half of A5 size (A5 is half A4).

2. If you cannot print onto A5 paper, print the A4 file onto A4 sized paper. For this file, the pages are arranged to be made into a booklet so you don't need to use the "print booklet" function on your computer. You can print either two-sided (short edge) or print one-sided. Later, photocopy and arrange the pages into the vocabulary notebook. In this case the vocabulary notebook will be A5 size when folded, twice as large as above. If you like the smaller size (as I do), simply reduce the size as desired when photocopying.

  • Single teacher use only. If more than one teacher will be using this product please purchase additional copies. Please respect the creator's efforts!
  • Use with: Students over the age of 12
  • No. of pages: 8 and 16

Vocabulary Notebook Preview
Vocabulary Notebook Preview

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