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Black Cat Reading and Training Step 4 Macbeth Book with Audio CD

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Publisher Black Cat Publishing
Black Cat Reading and Training is a 6-level series of richly illustrated readers suitable for older teenagers, young adults and adults. It offers original stories and retold classics, both fiction and non-fiction. Each title integrates a story with four-skills activities written in the style of Cambridge ESOL examinations, as well as informative background information to provide students with an enjoyable and rewarding, all-in-one reading experience. Audio recordings are available for all titles.

Genre: Tragedy
Macbeth is loyal and courageous, and is a friend of King Duncan's. However, after a battle he encounters three witches who tell him that one day he will be King of Scotland. Soon his obsession to become king is reinforced by his wife's cold-blooded ambition...
Scotland's History
Witchcraft in Shakespeare's Time
and others

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