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Grammar Success 2 Workbook

(w/o tax 650円)
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Author(s):Jin Zeter
Publisher Tryalogue Education
Grammar Success is a three-book series designed to introduce pre-intermediate level young learners to the basics of English grammar. Grammar Success combines clear explanations of each grammar target with concrete examples of real life use. A wide range of engaging follow-up activities and colorful illustrations ensure students maintain their focus and enjoy themselves while developing their English grammar skills.

- Sixteen 4-page units presenting a controlled, systematic range of grammar topics
- Clear grammar explanations with accompanying illustrations and examples
- A variety of fun and educational exercises ranging from simple recognition of word types to error correction to full-sentence production
- Speaking activities designed to increase fluency
- Four unit reviews and a final test
- Writing workbook with additional practice exercises available
- Answer keys available online

Unit Structure
- Grammar Rules: Clear explanation of the target grammar point
- Practice: Simple exercise with summarized grammar point
- More Practice: More focused exercise with writing
- Challenge: Improved exercise with writing full sentences
- Pair Work: Writing and speaking activity to work with a partner
- Review: Review tests after every four units
- Final Test: Review the whole book

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