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The English Course – Discussion Student Book 2 and Audio CD (Book + CD Set)

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Author(s):Gary Ireland, Max Woollerton
Publisher The English Company
The English Course – Discussion Book 2 is a lower intermediate level course intended for college and university students.
The course is designed to promote critical thinking and extensive discussion about a variety of interesting and important issues. Each unit includes two sets of discussion questions, a lecture or conversation audio clip, reading and vocabulary activities and an end of unit task. Each unit is designed to take three 90-minute classroom periods and the course therefore fits into a university year.
The classroom work is reinforced with a writing exercise and an online study centre with additional exercises and tests. Though primarily designed as a discussion course, the amount of material and flexibility in the design of each unit allows the book to also be taught with the focus as a listening and note-taking course, a four skills course, or as a task-based language course.

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